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28875 W Seven Mile Rd,
Livonia, MI-48152
Phone: 248-471-6474



"Temple is a place to ensure that Baba's contribution to global human culture and wisdom remains part of the inheritance we leave to future generations of our shared human family."

"A place where people can gather to receive spiritual instruction and guidance from Guru, and where those interested can actively practice."

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Sri Shrdi Sai Baba Temple in Michigan


Temple Location and Details
  • Lots of properties were identified and reviewd before selecting this property.
  • Located in Livonia on south/east of Middlebelt Road and 7 Mile. Close to highways across Toys-R-US and close to Livonia mall and Livonia cinema center.
  • Getting the permits will be easier as this used to be a religious center before.
  • Main Building: 11,000 sq ft of build up space in 4.01 acres of land.
                                5500 sq ft of baba mandir
                                5500 sq ft basement that is used for, kitchen, class rooms and hall
  • 1,100 sq ft of house for priest use.
  • 1,800 sq ft of Barn which can be used as 'Chavadi' and 'homam' area.
  • 175+ lots available for car parking.
  • History: We bought this property on May 2008.
          Aug 11th 2008: Moved in after a 3 day grand inaugural program.
          Have been conducing bajan's and puja's in the basement.
          Oct 27th: Completed phase 1 of our renovation work and started using the main puja mandir upstairs.

    Om Sairam!